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Culture is like the air that we breathe. We don’t pay attention to it until it’s gone and then we’re fighting for it to stay alive.

Culture is that invisible force in the environment that generates patterns of behavior that can be positive and creative – or negative and destructive. As has been widely believed in the business world for years, you may think it is set and must be accepted as is – unchangeable.

That idea is incorrect. It is possible to change the culture of a workplace. It requires a commitment to work in a systematic process of change, not focused on groups, but individuals.

The commitment starts with you, the leader.

You cause the culture

You are holding the culture that is in place. If you were not, it would not be there right now. Leaders set the tone for an organization and must create an environment that embraces change, not as a threat, but as an opportunity. How better to do that than by embracing change yourself and modeling that to all in the organization.

The good news is that by looking at yourself, and transforming your leadership skills, you can alter the culture of your organization. Even with the best plan, culture beats strategy. Change happens through a natural alignment that occurs as people follow the leaders.

Self-awareness gives leaders the tools to initiate change

By focusing your attention and intention into the development of leadership skills, you first increase self-awareness that allows you to engage behaviors that will have a positive influence, motivation and alignment on those around you.

The power within each leader has the potential to unleash a ripple effect throughout the organization, changing the culture– not by force, but by example. Person by person, step-by-step, you create the environment you imagine.

The path is clear to LeadSync, and it can be clear to you as well. Call us at 317-291-4843 to learn more.


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