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Transformational Leadership

In the now classic, In Search of Excellence, Peters and Waterman looked at what distinguishes the best-run companies. They found leaders paid explicit attention to values and how the leadership created exciting workplaces through personal attention, persistence and direct intervention – even to the lowest levels.

LeadSync knows transforming leaders through developing skills to create those exciting workplaces will have a tremendously positive impact on the organization and its success – operationally and in the marketplace.

Leaders shape and alter the workforce through the demonstration of the corporate goals in their thoughts, words and actions. They are the vital teachers that embody the values and aims of the organization.

Leadership is first being, then doing.

 – Warren Bennis

Leadership is not based on charismatic personality or physical attractiveness – it is the strength of one’s individual spirit and attainable for everyone. Successful leadership is derived from genuine sustained personal commitment to the values of the organization – and the dedication to uphold those values.

Values-based leadership is sustainable and constructive

A leader’s attitudes and behaviors affect the organization, its employees and their working conditions. Making the interactions between all persons less coercive and more creative and supportive unites them all in the pursuit of common goals.

Working with the leaders in any organization, LeadSync identifies patterns of thinking and actions which limits decision-making and relational skills.

Using research-based methods, LeadSync experts identify areas of strength and weakness. These are then developed through a clear plan based on four core values to provide the environment for strong leaders and managers of the future.

The four core values are:
  • Intention – the core of your beliefs; the frequency of your thoughts and the pattern and routine of your focus and attention. It is where you consciously choose where you are going and who you are.
  • Integrity – the basis of true success. It is the sum of your values, attitudes, character and actions with continuing regularity. It is the foundation from which success and relationships grow.
  • Integration – the hallmark of the self-actualized person. It is knowing what you are doing and why. Integration focuses on surety of purpose, using intention and integrity to see it through, regardless of obstacles.
  • Wellness – the development of true balance between heart and mind to maximize creativity, personal clarity and to reduce stress. It offers physical and mental alignment that is applied to both your personal and professional life to create a deep sense of calm.
Skills developed with these underlying core values establish a sustainable working environment - that is fun and productive - to achieve the financial and operational goals of the organization.

Leaders and employees will all benefit from a collaboration that fosters new relationships and better connections – within the organization and with your customers.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to begin pursuing the future of your organization. Call LeadSync today to begin the transformation to make the future you envision begin right now.


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