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Emotional Intelligence

Can you think of people in your organization that have a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill and would be a great resource, but who just can’t seem to work well with others? Are any of these people in management or leadership positions? How would the performance of those employees, and those around them, change if interactions and relationships were improved?

LeadSync can provide the guidance needed to make those improvements a reality. Based on scientific research, Emotional Intelligence (EI) explains the effects of relationships and emotions in the workplace. It helps us understand how our emotions play a role in processing information and working with other people - both negatively and positively. Skills can be learned to change damaging and ineffective interactions.

In Ram Charan’s and Geoffrey Colvin’s article in Fortune magazine, Why CEOs Fail, the authors found that successful executives did not shine in the arenas of planning or finances; they were successful because they demonstrated integrity, assertiveness, effective communication and trust-building behaviors.

In addition, Peter Drucker, in Management for the 21st Century, stresses the need for self-awareness and the capacity to build mutually satisfying relationships, which are all essential building blocks of Emotional Intelligence.

By being more aware, people can learn to manage their feelings and reactions and learn how to express them effectively and appropriately. EI focuses on evaluating and developing an array of skills that can enhance the ability to succeed and cope with environmental demands and pressures through greater awareness and improved interpersonal skills. There are five major components in the developmental model of the new EQi 2.0 assessment:

    Self regard
    Emotional self-awareness

   Emotional self-awareness

    Interpersonal relationships   
    Social responsibility
Decision Making
   Problem solving
   Reality testing
Stress Management

Stress Tolerance
    Impulse control

Other Well-Being Indicators

If you want to provide employees with the skills needed to become a team working together toward a positive, creative and productive workplace, Emotional Intelligence training is the best first step.

LeadSync can provide EI evaluation and specific training modules that offer practical development for each skill area. Clients can select single or multiple modules, which can be presented in group or individual sessions.

Create the team you need. It starts with a call to us at 317-291-4843.


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