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As you are envisioning the future of your organization, you see the promise of unlimited possibilities. Some you can see clearly, others offer just a glimmer. But you see the future coming and want to position everyone and everything in the organization to make the possibilities reality.

But you ask yourself what will that future organization look like? What has to change and how do you make those changes?

It is through the leadership of the organization achieving their maximum potential that the promise becomes reality – and LeadSync knows the skills leaders need and how they can build them to set in motion the future you envision.

Transformational Leadership

In the now classic, In Search of Excellence, Peters and Waterman looked at what distinguishes the best-run companies. They found leaders paid explicit attention to values and how the leadership created exciting workplaces through personal attention, persistence and direct intervention – even to the lowest levels.

LeadSync knows transforming leaders through developing skills to create those exciting workplaces will have a tremendously positive impact on the organization and its success – operationally and in the marketplace.

Leaders shape and alter the workforce through the demonstration of the corporate goals in their thoughts, words and actions. They are the vital teachers that embody the values and aims of the organization.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is essential to clear, purposeful and effective decision-making. Daily decisions made by leaders and managers have a direct impact on your organization’s workplace and financial health.

Being aware of your thinking habits and forming a simple on-demand process to increase your capacity for critical thinking is a skill LeadSync offers you – and all your employees. The process removes the habits that often impair good decision-making. It replaces them with the ability to apply improved insight and judgment.

Consider the difference decisions made with a clear mind and a calm manner can make.

Succession Planning

The true success of your leadership will be defined by the sustainability of the organization after your departure.

Establishing a plan of succession will ensure the legacy of hard work and impact you have made and pave the road for continued success. It will also have a direct impact on the bottom line value of your organization.

The time to think about who will take over the reins and lead the organization is always the present. Transitions take time – to plan, to implement, to train and to develop the next generation.

Is your organization ready?

Emotional Intelligence

Can you think of people in your organization that have a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill and would be a great resource, but who just can’t seem to work well with others? Are any of these people in management or leadership positions? How would the performance of those employees, and those around them, change if interactions and relationships were improved?

LeadSync can provide the guidance needed to make those improvements a reality. Based on scientific research, Emotional Intelligence (EI) explains the effects of relationships and emotions in the workplace. It helps us understand how our emotions play a role in processing information and working with other people - both negatively and positively. Skills can be learned to change damaging and ineffective interactions.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in an organization can be constructive – as long as it is resolved appropriately.

You’ve experienced the divisiveness and hostility of conflict that has escalated and been handled ineffectively. Lines are drawn, sides are taken and all the productive and creative energy is sucked out of the environment. It’s not a good situation – for employees or for the organization.

When resolved appropriately, conflicts can end in better insight into situations and issues, greater group cohesion, respect and empathy for others involved and improved self-awareness and insight. In other words, individuals grow personally and the business moves forward as a team.

It is possible for leaders and all employees to develop the ability to consistently resolve conflicts in a productive manner in your company and LeadSync can work with you to make that happen.

Communication Skills

Communication is the currency of modern business in the 21st Century – is yours buying you success?

When communications break down or are vague, unclear, incomplete or confusing, expectations and results suffer. When that happens, employees are frustrated, organizational performance falls flat, customers are unhappy and the bottom line is hit – sometimes hard.

Communicating is more than speaking or writing well. Good workplace communication skills include listening, understanding non-verbal communication and knowing the affect of perception in leadership.

Holographic Leadership

Holographic Leadership is based on the belief that the degree to which you control yourself is the degree to which you can bring forth a creative and productive work environment that achieves your organizational and financial goals.

Leaders shift the conditions within their organization to a more profitable and productive climate by removing limits to performance. This shift is achieved through changing your organization from chaos to coherence. It begins with teaching the leaders powerful strategies and techniques and allowing their influence to transform the organization.

A coherent environment allows for the highest state of functioning for all – regardless of position. It is leading and managing business at the energetic level.

Physiology of Leadership

Your internal state drives your performance.  So when the overall chaos in your working environment takes a serious toll on your mind, body and spirit, it affects your performance in every aspect of your life.

The ability to manage your internal state – your physiology - in an efficient manner improves mental clarity, creating greater capacity for problem solving and creative solutions. When you are able to perform better– you can achieve your maximum potential, offering your organization your most powerful leadership.

Aligning the mind and body rhythms creates coherence, which is the balance and synchronization of your physiology and mental state. That positive connection means you can replace the effect of the workplace chaos with calmness, clarity and control as you model the way for the organization.


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