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Executive Coaching & Professional Development

LeadSync's Conscious Leadership Development Program

Dr. Jan Byars offers a fully customizable 6-step "Holographic Leadership" program to lead your organization through diagnostics to effective management and proactive, conscious leadership while reducing the physical and mental stresses your staff encounters -- creating the "space" for positive, a sustainable culture change. 

Discovery - Assessing the Opportunities & Obstacles  
Resiliency - Reducing Stress Levels
Boundaries - Taking the Easy Wins
Emergence - Expanding Perspectives
Practice - Aligning to new outcomes
Coalescence - Creating a Conscious Environment

Keynotes and Training Presentations Available on Specific Topics.
Conscious Leadership                                    Creativity and Innovation
Values-Based Leadership                              Emotional Intelligence
Leadership and Complexity                            Resiliency and Professional Boundaries
Developing Culture                                         Developing New Leaders
Ethical Decision Making                                 Succession Planning

Your organization is led by people doing their best under immense pressure to perform with excellence. It’s a tough job.

If the vision for the organization is unclear, thinking gets clouded, confidence gets shaken, leadership suffers and, along with it, employee performance and the bottom line.

Research has shown that leaders who seek support and guidance to develop skills so they can consistently maximize their personal potential are those who excel, and whose organizations thrive.

LeadSync can show you the way to find your maximum potential.

Executive coaching provides personal and professional growth by identifying an individual’s strengths and areas requiring development. Step-by-step and practical performance development is put into action aligning daily behaviors with the company’s and the individual’s personal goals.

Make changes that ripple through your organization

You know profits are tied directly to organizational performance. As your leaders develop their skills, it creates a ripple throughout the organization. Leaders become role models as they demonstrate and implement a productive and creative culture where information flows between individuals and groups easily.

Barriers such as personal attitudes and preconceived ideas are replaced with energized critical thinking and systems thinking that lead to improved productivity and performance. Organizational behavior changes as everyone feels the benefits.

Leadership development through executive coaching is an investment in both people and the business. LeadSync executive coaches use extensive knowledge of sound business practices in conjunction with psychological and scientific research to create the most up-to-date performance-enhancing program for executives and leadership teams.

Stop wishing you had someone to work hand-in-hand with you to make the changes you know would improve your leadership skills, your employee interactions and the bottom line of your organization. Call LeadSync to discover what potential is lurking in your business and leadership.


317 291 4843