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You know that operations are not working the way you want them to work. 

You know that there are dynamics between people and departments that could be better.

You want change. You need change. However, you don’t have any idea of where to begin.

LeadSync knows exactly where to begin.

A needs assessment is the first step to identifying the strengths and areas that need development within your organization.

We assess individuals and groups, which provide a clear, objective view of the state of the organization and the dynamics within. From that overview, you can compare the organizational structure that is in place with the structure and operations you envision.

A needs assessment identifies the starting point on the road to your future.

The assessment begins with a presentation of the organizational structure, projects, typical basic workflows and authority structures to LeadSync.

From the picture provided, LeadSync will recommend assessments to delve deeper into the culture of the organization. Some of the areas that may be assessed include personality, behavior, Emotional Intelligence, conflict and coping skills, motivation and drivers and ethical behavior. LeadSync interviews key personnel for additional insight and facilitates the completion of the assessments. 

A 360° format is also available to you and your workgroups for additional insight. The group assessments provide reports similar to the individual reports. 

Analysis identifies where to start

All this assessment data is collected and analyzed by LeadSync. The final data provided to group members is in the form of collective scores which demonstrate patterns within the culture. By gathering the data, your team is able to identify the starting point and the goals to be achieved. Individual results are considered confidential and used to develop individual strengths.

Individual and group action plans are created to reach short- term and intermediate goals leading to the cultural shift necessary to achieve the organizational vision you desire. 

Additional services are available. Benchmarks, created collaboratively by the group, can be used to set clear markers for you to track progress. A post-assessment round can also be done to demonstrate the shift in behaviors and ROI.

LeadSync can partner with you to provide individual coaching and group training modules.

Step-by-step, in an organized and structured manner, the change you want – and need – is possible. Call LeadSync at 317-291-4843 to begin developing your roadmap to the future.


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