Conscious Leadership Development

Heart In Action:  5 Critical Keys of Conscious Leadership

Join today!  These 5 Critical Keys to Conscious Leadership helps focus your power for the greater good.

  1. Interconnection to Impact: Leading from Wholeness
  2. Resiliency: Step Out of the Weeds & Serve
  3. Clarity and Focus: Seizing Opportunities & Overcoming Obstacles
  4. Alignment: Building Power within the group
  5. Engagement: Creating a Conscious Environment

Heart in Action is self-paced leadership development webinar series, which increases your leadership capacity: Coaching packages available to support your learning.

  • Think clearer and from a broader perspective
  • Be more responsive and effective
  • Be less drained and bogged down
  • Adapt to shifting conditions faster
  • Increase the range of possibilities as you problem solve
  • Lead with greater alignment
  • And ultimately, have more engagement
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Resiliency, Clarity, Focus

We CRAVE this – the ability to stay present & lead through the obstacles.

Conscious awareness allows you to see bigger and broader.  The minute you begin to climb out of the weeds, your ability to see and make decisions is stronger. You are more responsive and effective, less drained and bogged down. You adapt faster to shifting conditions. Increases the range of possibility for YOUR LEADERSHIP!

Step out of the weeds – Up your game!

If you are lost in the Crazy, this course is for you!  Are you ready to be more focused, have greater clarity and overcome the obstacles faster?

You can have it all!  Coaching & the training. Step out of the weeds and serve!

 The intention for Heart in Action is to hold the environment for leaders to make a transformational shift in themselves, and their organizations.                                 Session Descriptions:

Interconnection to Create Impact – Conscious Leadership recognizes the new science, our deep interconnection shifts our way of leading organizations. It explores how the rules of the game have changed as our understanding of our  universe expands. It focuses on what we can start doing today, here, now, to be more conscious in our leadership.

Resiliency: Step Out of the Weeds. Shows us how to shift our physical state, to put ourselves in our highest functioning. We will learn see the weeds and step out of them more quickly; the ability to step out of our hidden patterns & free up our own energy & power to make better decisions. The faster we can reset back into balance, the faster we can respond to the actual problem.

Clarity and Focus: Seizing Opportunities & Overcoming Obstacles – With this webinar, we continue to hone our capacity, to be even clearer and stronger. Clarity and focus are critical tools of leadership.  We have in the past attempted to use them without realizing why they are difficult to access. How do you see clearly?  How do clear the field of anything that is not important?  How do you know where to place your attention? How do you correct for thinking errors and blind spots. Now, that we can reset our own mental/emotional state we have greater capacity for clarity and focus. This will be a combination of learning and practice.

AlignmentBuilding Power within the group – The tighter the alignment, the greater the power.  This is seen most clearly as we compare a laser and a light bulb.  Both give off light, but a laser is much more tightly aligned. Key 4 begins to build this power. To make the shifts in your people. We work from a clearer, calmer state.  And we begin to increase our awareness on the power and functioning of the group.  We will change the way we lead and interact with our people as a result of the skills we have learned.  We will begin to build alignment, direct attention differently as we move about our day.

Engagement: Creating a Conscious Environment – Key 5 has you modeling the way – consciously moving throughput your day, more aware of opportunities and the obstacles.  You engage faster, seize the opportunity or side step the obstacle.  You are out of the weeds, you help your people step out of the weeds. Navigate your organization from higher place.

 You can have it all!  Coaching & the training. Step out of the weeds and serve!